Toki Mishiba
Bus dvd 01
Name Mishiba Toki
Kanji 美柴鴇
Gender Male


Nationality Japanese
Birthday February 14, 1979
Residence Shizuoka Prefecture
Relatives Twin Brother - Shigi
Hair Color Red
Eye Color
Occupation Tape Copier


Manga Debut

Bus Gamer Vol. 1 Ch. 1

Anime Debut Bus Gamer Ep. 1
Japanese Voice Suzumura Kenichi

Toki Mishiba (美柴鴇) is one of the main protagonist of Bus Gamer manga and anime.


Toki is a quiet young man with few words to utter. He wears an expressionless face for some reason that no one can't get if he's happy, sad or satisfied with something. He doesn't want to be called by Kazuo by his first name, but later got used of him.



Toki Mishiba was born February 14 1979 with the blood type of B. He lives alone in Tokyo and attends a design college. His mother and father owned a Dojo and he has a younger twin brother name, Shigi. 3 years ago, his family committed suicide and his twin brother went missing. It appears he's been spending all his time working for money for a living since he's all alone. 

He was raised in an Aikido dojo, resulting in him excelling at martial arts; he is a second degree black belt in karate; fourth in Aikido; and first in Kendo. He is short, lanky, reticent, and has an expressionless appearance. He barely talks, but he is always sleepy or hungry, and would sometimes just zone out. He works part-time as a tape copier and as a bartender at a bar where his surrogate older brother is the manager, who is the only person he confides in. He lives alone in a one room apartment, and the circumstances of his family are unknown, though it seems he had a twin brother named "Shigi". His favorite food is salmon, and when he eats salmon onigiri his mood gets better, though he does not show it. hi

Joining Bus GamerEdit

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Nobuto Nakajyo -

Kazuo Saitoh -


  • His favorite filling in onigiri is Salmon and whenever he eats it, he feel so delighted although it cannot be seen on his face.